Compsons Air Conditioning

Control your home’s temperature, humidity and air quality with the latest air conditioning systems.

We professionally install the best air conditioners for the rooms in your property so you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of quality air conditioning.

The engineers here at Compsons can design a bespoke system to match your requirements – contact us for a quote.

What Is Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning, also known as AC, regulates and controls the temperature, humidity, and ventilation of indoor spaces.

Air conditioning systems draw in the room’s warm air and passes it over pipes containing a refrigerant. During the process, moisture is removed, and the cooled air is pushed back into the room.

Air conditioning systems can also supply heat. The air drawn in is warmed and pumped back into the room.

Air Conditioning Has The Following Benefits

Control the temperature in an individual room to your exact requirements. Alter the air in each room separately to suit the occupants.

Cool the air in the bedrooms in the summer so you are not disturbed by the heat.

Reduce humidity levels for a more comfortable atmosphere.

Remove allergens via the air-conditioner filters. It is helpful for people living with asthma.

Improve security by removing the need to open windows. Ideal for lower floor or basement rooms.

Feel more relaxed in a quieter room if you live in a noisy area – you no longer need to open the windows for fresh air.

Air Conditioning For Most Homes

Air conditioning is suitable for most homes, large or small. Our team of experts can fit AC for a single room or several rooms within the property. A small outside area is required for the external unit, and the internal unit can be installed on the wall or floor. With a choice of options, we are confident we have the air conditioning system to suit your home.

Want to know more about air conditioning and its suitability for your home? Contact our team for advice and a no-obligation quote.