Funding for Renewable Heating

There are many reasons to change your heating system over to Renewable Heating.

One of which is the benefits they bring. Lower running costs, reduced maintenance costs and significant carbon saving to name but a few.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Currently, there are government incentives to help with the cost of installing an air source heat pump. You can apply for a grant of up to £5000 and 0% VAT rate on renewable installations. The new Boiler Upgrade Scheme replaces legacy incentives such as Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Green Homes Grant Scheme (GHGS) . 

Since 2014, the British Government has been incentivising the installation of renewable heating.The Boiler Upgrade Scheme being available from April 2022 and is available for a limited period.

We will help you access Government funding through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. It could give you up to £5000 towards the cost of installing your air source heat pump.

We will need to survey your home to ensure you qualify for the payment. To help speed up the process, we will apply for the grant on your behalf.