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Do You Live In Bewdley and Need Heating or Renewable Energy Services?

If you call Bewdley home and desire a level of comfort that goes beyond the ordinary, trust Compsons to redefine your living experience. Our specialised heating and renewable energy services are crafted to seamlessly integrate with the unique charm of Bewdley. 

From precision boiler installations and hot water cylinder solutions to the luxury of underfloor heating and cutting-edge smart controls, Compsons sets the standard. Embrace sustainable practices with our expertly installed air source heat pumps, enjoy the cool efficiency of professional air conditioning, and contribute to a greener future with our solar thermal heating installations. At Compsons, our commitment to excellence, tailored solutions, and the latest technology converge to elevate your home comfort in Bewdley.

Our Heating Services

Boiler Installations Bewdley

Elevate your home’s heating with Compsons’ tailored boiler installations in Bewdley. Our expert technicians bring a personalised touch to every project, ensuring a seamless and efficient heating solution that aligns with the unique needs of your Bewdley residence. 

From precise system design to installation, we prioritise reliability and energy efficiency. Trust Compsons to provide not just warmth but a bespoke heating experience that reflects the distinctive character of Bewdley. Choose us for exceptional boiler installations where craftsmanship meets comfort.

Reliable Hot Water Cylinders and Underfloor Heating Installation in Bewdley by Compsons

Discover the pinnacle of comfort with Compsons’ reliable installations of hot water cylinders and underfloor heating in Bewdley. Our expert technicians bring a commitment to excellence, ensuring seamless integration tailored to the unique needs of your residence. Experience uninterrupted hot water with our meticulous hot water cylinder installations, and indulge in luxurious warmth with underfloor heating that spans every corner of your Bewdley home. Trust Compsons for unparalleled reliability, energy efficiency, and a bespoke heating experience that reflects the distinctive charm of Bewdley. Choose us for exceptional installations where comfort meets craftsmanship.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Currently, there are government incentives to help with the cost of installing an air source heat pump. You can apply for a grant of up to £5000 and 0% VAT rate on renewable installations. The new Boiler Upgrade Scheme replaces legacy incentives such as Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Green Homes Grant Scheme (GHGS) . 

Since 2014, the British Government has been incentivising the installation of renewable heating.The Boiler Upgrade Scheme being available from April 2022 and is available for a limited period.

We will help you access Government funding through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. It could give you up to £5000 towards the cost of installing your air source heat pump.

We will need to survey your home to ensure you qualify for the payment. To help speed up the process, we will apply for the grant on your behalf.

Elevate Your Home With Smart Controls

Welcome to a new era of home management in Bewdley with Compsons’ smart control installation. Our team of experts brings cutting-edge technology to your fingertips, allowing you to control and optimise your home environment effortlessly. Whether it’s adjusting temperatures, managing energy usage, or enhancing security, our smart controls are seamlessly integrated to reflect the unique needs of Bewdley residents. Elevate your lifestyle with the convenience and efficiency of Compsons’ smart controls, where innovation meets the distinctive charm of Bewdley.

Our Renewable Heating Services 

Air Source Heat Pump Installation and Air Conditioning in Bewdley

Experience a new level of sustainable comfort in Bewdley with Compsons’ expert installations of air source heat pumps and air conditioning. Our skilled team brings the latest in renewable energy solutions to your doorstep, ensuring efficient heating and cooling tailored to the unique requirements of Bewdley. Embrace green living with our air source heat pump installations, providing warmth derived from renewable sources. Stay cool and refreshed with our precision air conditioning solutions designed to enhance your indoor environment. Trust Compsons to bring innovation and eco-friendly efficiency to your home in Bewdley, where sustainable comfort is our commitment.

Solar Thermal Heating Bewdley 

Step into an era of eco-friendly warmth with Compsons’ solar thermal heating installations in Bewdley. Our expert team introduces a touch of sustainability to your home, utilising solar energy to provide a continuous supply of hot water. 

By choosing Compsons for solar thermal heating in Bewdley, you contribute to a greener future while experiencing reliable and cost-effective warmth. Embrace elegance with our solar thermal installations, where sustainability meets sophistication in the heart of Bewdley.

Funding for Renewable Heating

There are many reasons to change your heating system over to Renewable Heating.

One of which is the benefits they bring. Lower running costs, reduced maintenance costs and significant carbon saving to name but a few.


Choose Compsons for all your heating and renewable energy needs in Alveley.

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