Smart Controls For Your Home

Smart controls are a handy way to control your central heating remotely. By connecting your heating system to the internet, you can adjust the thermostat and turn the heating off or on while you’re away from home.

The team at Compsons can fit smart controls into an existing system, or we can add them to your new boiler package.

The SMART Control Brands We Install

We supply and install the latest technology from the best-known brands. Choose the ideal smart controls for your home – we offer Google Nest, Hive, Honeywell EvoHome and Heatmiser.

Ask us about the different control systems and what suits you best.

The Benefits Of Smart Controls

Energy savings

Smart controls are designed to optimise heating performance, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower energy bills.

Greater Control

With smart controls, you have complete command over the temperature and timing of the heating system. This means you can adjust the heating to match your lifestyle, providing more comfort and convenience.

Remote Access

Smart control systems allow you to control your heating system using a smartphone or tablet remotely. You can turn the heating on or off, adjust the temperature, or change the timing of the heating from wherever you are. This can be useful for anyone with mobility difficulties.

Integration with other smart home devices

Smart controls can be integrated with other smart home devices, such as lighting and security systems, to create a fully integrated smart home.

Saving Money With Smart Controls

Make the most of your smart controls, and you can save money on your heating bills. If you turn down the thermostat while you are out of the home, your bills will be lower. Because you have complete control, you can raise the thermostat just before you arrive back, so no heat is wasted.

Ask Us About Smart Controls

Smart controls for heating are a wise investment for anyone looking to reduce their energy bills, increase comfort, and create a more efficient and integrated home.

We can install the controls and explain how to use them. Contact us for a quote.