Solar Thermal Heating

The use of solar as renewable energy is becoming more widespread. Solar is clean and non-polluting, and a switch to solar power helps reduce electricity bills.

Solar thermal panels fitted on your roof can heat the water that you use around your home. Solar thermal panels are slightly different to solar PV panels – they use simpler and more established technology. To clarify – solar PV converts sunlight into electricity, whereas solar thermal heat up water.

If you are thinking about fitting solar thermal panels, we are here to help. Our team of experts can let you know what you need to consider, how solar thermal panels work, and whether it is the right system for you.

Solar Thermal Panels to Heat Your Water

What are the benefits of solar thermal panels?

  • You get a ‘free’ supply of hot water all year round
  • The panels work on cloudy days
  • There are Government incentives to help with the installation costs
  • You will be reducing your carbon emissions
  • Solar is a renewable energy source that doesn’t harm the environment

If you want to learn more about solar thermal panels, get in touch with our team. We have a vast amount of industry knowledge and we are happy to guide you.

We install evacuated tube solar panels

When it comes to solar thermal panels, evacuated tube solar collectors are the most efficient with a rating of 90% or more. That’s why we believe in installing evacuated tube panels as a preference. We work with Navitron, a trusted supplier of renewable energy devices based in the UK, and we also use 1st Sunflower Solar Systems.

How do solar thermal panels work?

Solar thermal panels also called solar hot water panels, make use of the sun’s rays to heat water. This water can be used for showering, cleaning and most other daily tasks.

  • Solar panels, or ‘collectors’, are installed onto the roof of your home. These panels are tubes filled with fluid. The fluid absorbs the heat of the sun.
  • The warmed fluid is moved inside the home and through a heat exchanger.
  • The water inside the water storage tank is heated further and then used in your taps and showers.

Solar thermal panel maintenance

Solar thermal systems are relatively easy to maintain. They only require a service every 3 to 5 years to check for structural wear and tear. The fluid inside the system may need to be topped up periodically, but these are inexpensive jobs.

Is solar thermal suitable for my property?

The best way to know if solar thermal panels are right for you is to contact us. Every property and household is different, and solar thermal panels are not always suitable. Our experienced engineers are here to discuss the panels and provide a quote for the installation.